Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

The average bear market lasts long enough to give investors plenty of time to respond. Defensive stock sectors including consumer staples, utilities, and health care tend to outperform during bear markets. Government bonds offer important diversification benefits and the potential of strong returns in a recession.

  • RIL 2612.00-0.15% Infosys 1410.45-2.12% Wipro 444.85-3.28% NTPC 152.653.91%
  • Polyplex Corp. Castrol India.
  • Saregama India 394.00-4.99% Sonata Software 643.80-2.28% APL Apollo Tube 878.75-3.17%
  • NMDC 121.05-4.23%
  • Value Stocks. NMDC 121.05-4.23% Manali Petro 97.30-8.72% Sun TV 415.05-1.08% Aurobindo Pharma 523.10-2.87%

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