Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

YES. A BIG YES. 2022 is a Very Good time to invest your money in the market.

However, don’t bet on specific stocks as you will not know which 5-10 stocks are the best stocks to buy out of about 2500 stocks in the Indian stock market.

Don’t invest on the basis of your gut feel or on the basis of the expert(?) advice of your friends or well wishers. Such ‘tips based’ investments normally go WRONG.

Invest in Very Good Equity Mutual Funds through Monthly SIP in the right categories to accumulate wealth over a period of time. Start your SIPs immediately. Don’t make a lump sum investment.

If you are not clear about which Mutual Funds are the best mutual funds for you, then learn about them in just 90 minutes as stated below.

We observe that many investors in India randomly invest in mutual funds on the basis of their gut feel or on the basis of the expert(?) advice of their well-wishers, and make many grave investment mistakes.

You may like to learn more about how to accumulate crores in 10/20/30 yrs, by investing in MFs by attending the following session. Our idea is to make sure that Indian investors understand MFs before investing in them.

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